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sugaring boca raton


FOR HER                                                 FOR HIM
UPPER LIP/ BROWS - $5                    FULL BACK - $45

ARMS - $30                                          CHEST - $35
UNDERARMS - $20                            BROWS - $5
BRAZILIAN - $40                                ARMS - $30
BIKINI LINE - $28                              UNDERARMS - $20
FULL LEGS - $45                                FULL LEGS - $45
HALF LEGS - $30                               HALF LEGS - $30
FULL BODY - $120                             FULL BODY - $170


sugaring near me

is one of the most ancient ways to remove hair. It was created in Egypt. Even nowadays sugaring is an effective and popular hair removal service especially in the Middle East and Europe. The name of this service comes from the paste itself which consists of sugar, water and lemon juice. Which makes it natural and hypoallergenic.

Sugaring may look similar to waxing. The key difference is the direction in which the hair is pulled. When waxing you pull the hair against the direction of hair growth. With sugaring it is opposite. The technician pulls hair in the direction of hair growth. This makes it less painful, reduces skin irritation and the amount of ingrown hair. 

Sugaring can be used on any part of your body. Besides hair removal, sugaring also provides light exfoliation and may cause hair to grow back softer and thinner.

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