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hair and makeup SERVICES

bridal hair and makeup*

Wedding day is one of the most important and exciting days in our lives and it has to be special. Make this day special from the beginning, starting with your hair and makeup. It's not just a part of preparation that every bride has to get done... with me it's a whole other experience! Together we will create a customized look for you according to your hair type, face structure and eye shape so you will look great all day long. I am open to traveling to your special location. It will be my pleasure to be a part of your big day, and I will do everything possible to make your day and experience with me unforgettably amazing!

other hair and makeup services*

You don’t have to attend a wedding to get your hair and makeup done. There are so many occasions you can do it for such as:

  • Photo shoot 

  • TV/Video production

  • Fashion

  • Special occasion

  • Stage performance

 I will be happy to support you with my work anywhere on any occasion.

*Travel and setup fee may be applied 

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