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Want a career as a makeup artist? I can help you with that!

Alina Gobbi Beauty provides unique makeup training for beginner MUAs. It is a 5-day fundamental makeup course that will help you become a professional makeup artist in less than one week! The course covers everything a makeup artist needs to know and teaches you not only American but European makeup techniques as well! Not many makeup schools in the US can provide you with that knowledge. And it is very important for a makeup artist to be able to accommodate any client, especially when you consider the diversity in the US.

I will give you all the knowledge about makeup that I have gained over the years of work and constant continuing education from the best makeup artists all over the world! The makeup training consists of 3 modules: makeup theory, makeup practice, and business theory.




Module 1: Makeup theory

We will start with intense makeup theory that will cover skin, face anatomy, in-depth color theory, textures in makeup products, tools and brushes, sanitation and so much more!

Module 2: Makeup practice

 During the second part of the course you will learn how to create the 5 most requested makeup looks!

- Natural makeup

- Lifting makeup

- Hollywood glam makeup

- Bridal makeup

- Evening smoky 

Module 2 consists of two parts: demonstration and practice. I will demonstrate a makeup application on a model and tell you all the nuances of creating a certain look and then it will be your turn to recreate the look. You will have a different model for each practice that will give you an opportunity to get some experience of working with different skin types and complexions. 

I provide everything you need for a successful completion of the makeup training so you don't need to buy anything! But I can also put a basic makeup kit together for you, that will allow you to start working on clients right away after completing the course, so you don't need to worry about ordering the wrong products and tools and wasting your money. 

Module 3: Business aspects of makeup artistry

The last part of the makeup training is about the business aspects of makeup artistry. We will work on your portfolio and social media, talk about how to find your first clients, how to build a professional makeup kit without spending tons of money, how to talk to people and do a consultation prior to service, work with difficult clients and so much more! 


After completing all 3 modules you will have an "exam" where you will need to create a makeup look of your choice and do a little business task that will help you to start your new career. And of course you will get a certificate of completion for the course. 

Do you want to know another reason why you need to choose my training? It is a INDIVIDUAL, one on one program so you will get a personalized education. YOU will get all the attention! And no awkward big group classes!  Enroll in the course with a friend and receive a discount!


That is why the amount of spaces is limited! The program starts every one to two months so book your personalized makeup training in advance!

By the end of this course you will be ready to work on clients and start making money!
Interested? Reach out to me for more information! 



6 days

Knowledge level

Beginner and up



Number of people in class



Makeup studio in Boca Raton

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