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A pure example of The American Dream

I always wanted to have a job that I would love and that I would be passionate about. I think this way you can be really successful and happy. But I would never have thought that my life would turn out like this… “Hi, my name is Alina and I am from Russia.” – those were pretty much the only words that I could say when I first came to this country as an exchange student. At that time my American Dream had already come true. I could not believe that I really did it, that I came to America alone without anybody, without money and without speaking the language. At that point I did not care about all that stuff because I was exactly where I wanted to be. All I wanted was to work hard all summer, so I could help my family financially, learn English, see the country and at the end of the summer go back home, but  fate changed my plan and gave me the best possible present… my soulmate, my husband. This is why I decided to stay here in America. And it was the best decision in my life…
Like every girl I gave lots of thought of how I wanted to look on my wedding day. It was very important to me, especially considering that I am a perfectionist. I was looking at different hair updos and makeup created by Russian artists. I knew exactly what I wanted until I realized that I couldn’t find anybody around here who did these techniques … Everything was just the wrong style. I had a different vision for my look and I did not want to pay money for something that I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with. This is when, for the first time I had a thought that I could bring something new to the American beauty industry and do something different. Not long after that I became a student at cosmetology school. And a year later a girl, who didn’t speak English not too long ago, successfully graduated the school, passed all the exams and got a cosmetology license. Couple of month later I was doing hair and makeup for a local magazine cover, events, photo shoots etc. But it does not mean that my education is over. The beauty industry is constantly changing. That is why I have to keep up with all new techniques, trends, products and practice the most requested hair and makeup, so I can do any updo and makeup you want!
I’m lucky, the ability of speaking two languages gives me an opportunity to get additional education all over the world, so I can stay on top of everything in the beauty industry, so I can provide the best services for my clients. Not every hair and makeup artist has access to all that information. And this is my advantage.
That is just the beginning of my story. And with you my friends it will continue.


 Having a cosmetology license gives me an opportunity to provide a wide spectrum of services, but I decided to specialize in hairstyling, makeup and sugaring. These are the things that I am most passionate about and that are really close to me. I consider myself as a hair and makeup artist.  I will give you a beautiful updo or hairstyle and do your makeup for any occasion whether it is a night out, stage performance, wedding or a photo shoot. I will support you with my work everywhere.


You can learn more about all the services

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  • Photo shoot makeup

  • Bridal makeup

  • Special occasion

  • Makeup course for professional MUAs

  • Personal makeup lessons

  • Group makeup lessons

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Every single picture on this web site is my work, but if you want to know me better and see more of my projects, then you are more than welcome to visit my Instagram page @alina_gobbi_beauty . I try to post everything I do there regarding hair and makeup. Let’s build a beauty community together!

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520 S Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33432

(603) 988 5547

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